Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation (M&S) is a multi-layered approach of understanding the interaction of the parts of a system. The first layer in M&S is the development of a simplified representation of the conceptual model to promote the understanding of the "real-world" system. Simulation is defined as a manipulation of this conceptual model, which enables interested parties to evaluate the perceived interactions of the pieces parts of a system. The results of the simulation provide a unique look into how the system as a whole interacts.

One of the major advantages of M&S is the ability to alter the conceptual model through computer simulation without impacting the actual system. Thus, answering the "what-if" questions through sensitivity analysis and enabling the decision makers to pinpoint areas of concern. Another major advantage of M&S is the ability to define and see how the system interacts as a whole.

Modeling and Simulation
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