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PSGI employees have many years’ experience in assisting companies improve the understanding and the efficiency of their organization through the use of Statistics, Simulation and Operations Research. Our background covers manufacturing, academia, research organizations, military organizations and Federal Agencies.

We can help organizations use their data. We can extract data from multiple sources, clean it up, and perform Descriptive Statistics and Graphics, Inferential Statistics and modeling.

  • Understand sales patterns and volume drivers in chain restaurants
  • Highlight factors effecting hospital performance
  • Increasing production through Design of Experiment

If the goal is to optimize a process through simulation, we can assist in the problem definition, specify system requirements, specify and gather necessary data, build and test the model.

  • Smooth out operation at process facility
  • Minimize delivery cost of raw materials
  • Estimate manpower requirements and cost in education
  • Optimize the usage of analytical equipment at pharmaceutical labs
  • Simulate optional ways of performing pharmaceutical research

If you have questions about how Statistics and Simulation can improve the performance of you company, please contact us for a free consultation.

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